#Mate10Pro - 3 months with the HUAWEI Mate10 PRO

Note: All photos in this blog are taken with the HUAWEI Mate10 PRO (except product shots)

When HUAWEI invited me to a global launch in October 2017 I first touched base with the new Mate10 Pro. After having the P10 Plus as my constant travel companion for the last months I was sceptic at first to make the switch to the new phone.

My kind of photography is shaped by taking images during blue hour and when it is dark and moody. With that I need lenses with fast apertures to compensate the lack of light without shooting at too high ISO settings. After going through the specifications of the Mate10 Pro I initially noticed the new designed Leica Dual Lens with an f/1.6 aperture which by that promised a much better low light performance and blur-free shots. The sensor remained the same, a 20MP monochrome sensor and 12MP RGB sensor with Optical Image Stabilization which allows capturing photos in raw format. Another number that changed is the capacity of the battery. In the Mate10 Pro there is a huge battery pack of 4000 mAh. This allowed me to use the smartphone for over 3 days without charging - a huge benefit when in the mountains. In standby the device keeps going and going  so you are  able to have power for a week.

In the end these numbers and the overall better performance of the Mate10 Pro I made the switch. 3 months fast forward I traveled through Italy, Hong Kong and New Zealand with the Mate10 Pro and it absolutely kept up to its promises. I realized a much better sharpness throughout the photos, better low light performance and easier file handling.

With the wide aperture of f.1/6 and optical image stabilization it is made  for shooting in low light conditions. The images below are shot at f.1/6 and the light was almost gone. During scenes like these blue hours shots a wide aperture really comes in handy as you don't need to set up a tripod or bump the ISO into high numbers.

Untitled photo

As the P-Series the Mate10 Pro also gives you the ability to shoot in a Pro Mode with  full control of the camera settings. By this you can easily select a faster or lower shutter speed when needed and lock focus and exposure. 

Another great feature of the Mate10 Pro is the AI powered real-time scene and object recognition. The phone identifies different types of scenes and objects in real time and automatically adjusts color, contrast, brightness, exposure to enhance the photo. However, this mode is only available in jpeg shooting.

With the ability to shoot in raw the Mate10 Pro gives me the option to maintain my workflow which I'm using for editing the files from my DSLR. I can import the photos straight to Lightroom and apply my presets to give them the same look.

While shooting I can blend in guiding lines straight onto the display to compose my photograph the way I want it. For example on the two photos below the guides helped me to align the camera with the lines of the buildings. Combined with the optical stabilization it makes shooting of the hand really easy!

At the end there is to say, that the HUAWEI Mate10 Pro is a fantastic device for photography. The images are sharp and full of details, the camera performs superb in dark light and the raw files give you enough information to edit and recover the image. With its nice and slim design and the massive battery it became a constant companion on my trips.

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