A self converted van, 5 weeks and no particular route. Often the most beautiful moments in travel happen like that - no bucket list, and no screenshots queued up. Just a direction and the promise to ourselves to enjoy it as much as possible. In summer 2019 Natascha and I headed out for the far North. As nights faded into days, we hiked a new mountain almost everyday, camped or bivvied in the most amazing spots and simply treated our soul with the silence from the landscape and slow mornings with great coffees.


A place with so little living, yet so alive - Kamchatka is a wild place in the Far East of Russia. A peninsula with no road connection to the mainland, a remote country, a place where nature still rules. Together with an international group of photographers and local guides, Max Münch and I held a two weeks outdoor photography trip. We spent most nights in a tent on location, exploring the raw beauty of this place.


Personal project shot on iPhone 8.

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